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As survivors of domestic violence, the founders of Stop Domestic Violence are well aware of the gaps and deficiencies in services provided to victims and survivors.  As former law enforcement and educational professionals, we are well aware of the lack of tangible tools, including training material, grants and direct assistance, to first responders, schools, universities, victims and survivors to fight domestic violence while staying safe.

Our national organization has a combined experience of 40 years  and, after working with several organizations, it was time to create a national nonprofit that, we believe, can make a real difference.

We offer our services in all 50 states because, while domestic violence experiences are each personal and unique, domestic violence, itself, is a national problem. We can make that difference working together as a team.

We have seen, all too often in our experience, the use of donations for purposes other than the mission.  Stop Domestic Violence is a fully remote organization with little overhead and minimum staff in order to assure that your donations go to direct services and projects as much as possible.

Join us in our mission.

                                            -Founders of Stop Domestic Violence 

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